Make them hear you.

It's all about you. Whether we're designing a logo, writing a press release, or
making a video, the project needs to get the job done and you need to love it!
I can deliver designs that work great on a tight budget or pull out all the
stops when you're looking for something swanky. You just need to call.

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As a graphic designer, I make logos, flyers, newsletters, programs, CD covers, stickers, t-shirts, signs, forms, websites—everything from wine bottle labels to a US postage cancellation mark. I shoot event, portrait, and studio photos, and am skilled at photo retouching. And I can shoot and edit video. Call me to make your stuff look right.

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I offer thoughtful writing, careful editing, and obsessive proofreading services. I am a third-generation copywriter, following in the footsteps of my father and his father before him—it's our family trade! Let me help you with press releases, advertising, newsletters, instruction manuals, social media posts, editorial writing, and more.

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deliver the message

Each point of contact with your audience is another chance to make the right impression. Together we can craft a brand identity just for you (and I can help you understand just what that is and why it's so important). I'd also be happy to assist with your marketing and publicity needs. Contact me to explore the ways we can reach your people.

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